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Is Arizona’s Abundant Sunshine the Right Energy Source for Your Facility?

Based on a White Paper by Anthony Santana
Sun Valley Solar Solutions, AZSA Member

Did you know that the energy coming from the sun to the earth in 2 days exceeds the annual energy consumption of the whole world? That’s a lot of power! Some days it seems like most of it is centered in sunny Arizona.

Anthony Santana Sun Valley Solar Solutions

This nearly limitless source of clean energy is becoming the preferred fuel for businesses looking to improve their bottom line. Solar energy is clean, not risky to the environment, and does not need to be transported or imported. It’s literally hanging there for your business to reach out and grab it.

Sun Valley Solar LogoDue to developments over the last decade, a solar energy system purchase not only pays for itself in short order, but it offers the chance to untether your business from its utility dependence and lock in decades of predictable energy costs.

It is also very popular with today’s socially conscious consumer, helping your company’s reputation in the marketplace.

The white paper linked below covers:

Sun Valley Solar Solutions Commercial Solar Whitepaper

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