Membership Benefits

What are the AZSA Membership Benefits?

  • Standardized Forms: AZSA produces member-only forms including a standardized lease, auction documents, incident reports, and other important forms
  • Industry Resource Book: Our large notebook comes with yearly updates which include a CD of forms in PDF format, updated Arizona market survey results, articles from our legal hotline, and a member directory of over 500 Facility Members and Vendor Members.
  • Subscription to AZSA's Behind Closed Doors Newsletter: Published Quarterly, it provides pertinent information on current trends in the Arizona Self-Storage Industry, activities of teh association, and infomative articles on legal, management, and operational issues.
  • Educational & Networking Seminars: Held year round and statewide, these events prove our members the opportunity to network and hear educational presentations on topics that directly impact their day to day operations in Arizona.
  • Arizona Self Storage Conference & Tradeshow: Hailed as on the Self-Storage industry's best Tradeshows... AZSA's annual conference offers top-notch educational seminars, facility tours, networking opportunities, industry reviews, market updates, and features both local and national operators, vendors, and consultants.
  • Website Directory Placement: AZSA maintains of the largest online self-storage databases designed to link potential renters with our member facilities.
  • Arizona Self Storage Auction Website:  All listings on the leading self storage auction website in the industry are FREE to all members.  AZSA pioneered this concept and it is the largest single collection of storage lien auction in the state.
  • Membership Promotion: Annual decals and AZSA logos are available to increase awareness and promote professional membership to customers.
  • Legal Counsel: Legal advise and interpretation is available from AZSA's legl counsel along with guidance in conducting business within the laws of the State of Arizona.
  • Legislative Watch: AZSA represents its members' interests by presenting a unified front on legislative issues impacting the Arizona Self-Storage Industry.
  • Mini-Storage Messenger: AZSA Members receive a copy of the digital Mini-Storage Messenger delivered to your email monthly.
  • National Self-Storage Association (SSA): Your AZSA dues pay for an affiliate membership in the SSA, which includes a subscription to Globe Magazine, among other benefits.  The SSA provides each AZSA member with a $50 discount coupon towards SSA publications, conferences, and educational events.
  • Health Insurance: AZSA members have access to health insurance through the Self Storage Association's Health Insurance Mart.