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New Revision of the AZSA Lease, and 2019 Dues

New Revision of the AZSA Lease

AZSA revised its standardized lease, strengthening provisions relating to limitation of value of stored property and emphasizing that partial payments do not halt the foreclosure process. The revised lease clarifies that new types of locks do not create bailment for self-storage: no bailment exists even if the operator has a key or access code to a tenant's lock, be it electronic, combination, or any other type of lock that may hit the market.

The vehicle addendum remains solid as is, with no revision necessary.

The revised eLease has already been emailed to AZSA eLease Owner/Operators who already paid their 2019 dues. If you manage a facility that uses the eLease but don't yet have the files, ask you Owner/Operator to forward them to you.  

SiteLink is preparing the SiteLinkized files, and AZSA will forward them to SiteLink users who request them - as soon as we receive the files from SiteLink. Email us letting us know if you use SiteLink and need their version of our eLease.

All new orders of paper leases, personalized or blank, are now being filled with the revised lease and all back orders have been filled and mailed.

2019 AZSA Dues

AZSA dues were "due" on January 10. The grace period extends to January 31. Members not renewing by that time will no longer have access to AZSA members benefits, such as:

  • Continued use of the AZSA lease, in any format (paper or electronic);
  • Continued use of the AZSA auction website to advertise your auctions;
  • Lien seminar video;
  • Operational forms;
  • Frequently Asked Questions;
  • Free attendance at AZSA events, and discounted rates for the AZSA conference;
  • Opportunity to seek operational and legal guidance from your team at AZSA.

To renew, log in to the website using your email address and password (forgot password option works well) and click the red "Pay My Dues" button.  

As always, you can reach us with any questions at 602-374-7184 or  


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